2016 Countdown

It is the final day of 2016 and I think it’s time for a countdown of the best moments of the year. Before proceeding, however, I must say that this has, without a doubt, been the best year of my life so far. Looking back, every day was amazing, even if I didn’t think so at the time. However, I am now going to try and countdown my top moments of the year. Apologies in advance for the bad quality of some of these photos but they’re memories, therefore, irreplaceable. Here we go! Continue reading “2016 Countdown”

Cologne Christmas Markets

Sunday 18.12.16
Since we ordered the flights 2 months back I couldn’t get myself to get excited for the trip. I had to keep myself focused on the clinical placement, work, exam, assignment and lastly the Christmas concert we organized and took part in. Today, however, with all those events in the past, I was able to think about the next few days and get genuinely excited! It’s so relieving to finally be on holidays, no college work or worries for 3 whole weeks, it almost seems too good to be true at this stage! Cologne (or shall I say, Koln) I’m ready for you! Continue reading “Cologne Christmas Markets”

A present-less Christmas?

This year we came to the decision a couple months back to have a no-present-giving Christmas. We toyed with the idea for a long while to make sure it’s really what we wanted to do as, what is Christmas without presents, right? But having agreed on it, we happily went into December with no wish lists.

Our reasons for this decision were as follows Continue reading “A present-less Christmas?”