Review: The Chalice and the Crown by Kassandra Flamouri

Sasha Nikolayeva is a young talented and determined ballet protégé. As she prepares for the role of Odette, a performance that is to change her life and future, her family history of madness and neurological disturbances catch up to her until her mind and body deteriorate to the point where she risks losing not only her career but also her life.

Waking up in the land of her repeated nightmares, Sasha finds herself a thrall, a being less than slave, a pet to be used for her life force for the comfort and entertainment of the citizens of the enchanting City of Roses. Whilst forced to endure the harsh cruelty and indignity of her subjection, Sasha also finds friendship, comfort and love in the very city which threatens to snuff out her body and her soul.

Fighting for her freedom, she much choose between the two worlds she is caught in, between the life and family waiting for her at home and the rebels and cause that have unexpectedly become dear to her.  

A truly great read. The storyline is captivating and enthralling from beginning to end. Sasha is a well written protagonist and the writing style allows the reader to become engrossed in her mind and emotions. Her confusion and turmoil is projected in a way that is gripping and palpable throughout. The tension of her situation is laden and desperate that it pulls the reader into its oppressive darkness.

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