Future Publications: The Ringmaster’s Daughter By Carly Schabowski

The Ringmaster’s Daughter is the entertaining tale of Michel Bonnet, a young Parisian man at the time of the Nazi’s invasion of France during WW2. With the help of his closest friend he escapes the city and, unknowingly, joins the travelling circus train of Le Cirque Neumann as a stowaway. Following a rocky start with the ringmaster, Michel is allowed to remain with the troupe, caring for and training the horses, on the condition that he keeps to himself and does not interact with the performers. But keeping to himself becomes difficult as he makes the most unlikely of friends and catches the eye of the enchanting Frieda, the star of the show who is under the protection of the ringmaster. It soon becomes evident that they, along with everyone else in the troupe, are hiding some dangerous secrets.

This is a sweet, albeit stingingly real, tale of life as an outcast during World War 2. The magic of the circus and first love permeates the pages and the tension is palpable throughout.

Expected publication date: 7th July 2020.

Find on Goodreads and Amazon.



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