Future Publications: When I Come Home Again by Caroline Scott

When I come home again begins in Britain at the end of WW1. It is the tale of a soldier who survived with his life but not his memory. Given the name Adam, he is found and brought to a rehabilitation home by his doctor James, who then attempts to aid Adam in the recovery of his memories. However, it soon becomes clear that Adam does not want to remember, having successfully locked away the trauma of war.

Adam settles into his life of oblivion, relearning and rediscovering his love of nature. But when a newspaper article publishes his photograph and story in an attempt to find his family the peace Adam has become familiar with is upturned. Three women come forward to claim Adam as their family, each with a compelling case of their own, who will swear Adam is their Mark or Ellis or Robert.

Written from the point of view of numerous characters, each of whom have lost a loved one to the war, this book explores trauma, hope and death and the complex coping mechanisms of humans in response to these emotions. The nature of the tale is such that it intrigues its reader and prompts them to guess the outcome which is deeply ingrained in fundamental human sensibility.

It is a very compelling retelling of what I’m sure is hundreds of similar tales. It is thought provoking in very emotional ways, leaving the reader with many what ifs, however, the realness of the story resonated throughout in unexpected heart-wrenching ways.

Expected publication date: October 29th 2020.

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