Fooled & Enlightened: The Englishman’s Scottish Wife (Love’s Second Chance #16) by Bree Wolf REVIEW

I received an advanced readers’ copy of this book and am very happy to be able to write this review.

I have to start by saying that I absolutely adore the Love’s Second Chance series, I’ve read every instalment and it’s only normal that some I’ve loved more than others. This one was a very pleasant surprise as I did not expect to get to read about Maggie’s second chance at love, especially not with Nathan (once I remembered him from previous instalments I certainly did not expect to sympathise or come to like him as a protagonist).  While the storyline is endearing, I found that the character progression was slightly unrealistic and, quite frankly, a little lazy. Some major topics are touched upon but not enough time is left in the storyline to allow them to progress organically. While a good portion of the book is unnecessarily allocated to that one day (if you’ve read it you’ll know which I’m talking about), the beginning and end of the book felt rushed.

However, all in all, did I enjoy the book? Yes. Is it my favourite of the series? No. Am I intrigued by the ending? BRING ON THE NEXT BOOK.

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