A day in Portsmouth

A Day in Portsmouth

As per tradition, b-day three years ago (yes that is how late this blog post is) was spent and celebrated in England. A bit different however, in that London was not the city of choice but Portsmouth. It was somewhat unintentional but turned out to me a most lovely day. So if you chance to find yourself in those parts (once lockdown is lifted and quarantine is over obvi, be safe kids), here is a little itinerary of things to do

  • Brunch

You want to start the day right, right? Portsmouth port has numerous lovely breakfast/brunch places to choose from. Our choice of brunch spot was Slug and Lettuce and it was perfect. The décor is what I want my future house to look like.

  • Shopping

If you’re in a spendy mood, there is a lovely outlet shopping street at Gunwharf Quays with a variety of stores from Ted Baker and Allsaints to Clarks and Cath Kidston, all offering up to 60% off all year round. It is simply fabulous, even just for a stroll around.

  • The Dickens Trail

You need not be a fan to appreciate that Portsmouth was the birthplace of one of the greatest classics of all time. Join a series of guided walks and talks or just take a stroll around the Birthplace Museum and see his old bedroom. There is nothing like seeing where history was born and made!

If you follow the gram you’ll know that I have a thing with climbing the highest objects in a city and Portsmouth was no exception. The 170-meter observation tower is ‘the centrepiece of the redevelopment of the Portsmouth Harbour’ but it is not for the faint hearted. If you don’t love heights I would not advise the ascent. However, if you’re like me you will greatly enjoy the ride and the countless photo opportunities, mainly the panoramic view of the first deck and the glass walkway which can be both thrilling and terrifying. 

  • Afternoon tea

When in the land of the tea, one has tea. There are countless beautiful places to have afternoon tea in the Portsmouth area (in any area really, you’re in England after all), including the Spinnaker Tower, but we decided to take a walk and enjoy it at the wonderfully tranquil and picturesque Parade Tea Rooms. It is a mere five minute walk from the main town and just what one needs to get a good feel of the beautiful English town.

Now, having written all this I have made myself sad because it will be a while still until I can make it back to England but hey, I shall continue to live vicariously through my google photos, and if you like, join me on Instagram to watch me reminisce ;)



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