Series Review: Sweet by Wendy Higgins review

Sweet Evil (Sweet #1)

by Wendy Higgins

This book revolves around the character of Anna Whitt, a teenage girl with special abilities of being able to see people’s auras and emotions as well as possessing heightened senses and the ability to heal at inhuman speeds. The storyline brings her to meeting band drummer, Kaidan Rowe, who picks up on her differences and introduces her to the knowledge that she is Nephilim, the offspring of a fallen angel or demon. However, unlike all other demon-fathered Neph, Anna also boasts an angel mother, hence merging both the good and the bad in one individual. Having been raised by her loving adoptive mother, Anna sets out on a road-trip to meet her demon father, encountering many turbulent emotions and truths along the way.

I came across this book through the Lux series (gotta love authors promoting one another) and was very excited about starting it. I enjoyed it immensely. It was a good, easy and quick read for me as it held my interest throughout. It is a very different take on the subject of fallen angels and Nephilim. I found the characters very well developed and evoking strong emotions. The storyline was not forced but flowed organically. I thoroughly enjoyed the bonds between said characters, with the exception of the falling desparately in love after only a handful of days. I found the whole falling-into-a-deep-dark-hole-from-unrequited-love aspect of the story immature, which did not fit with the character as a whole. Overall, I’m very pleased with the read and am looking forward to the next instalment in the series.

Sweet Peril (Sweet #2)

by Wendy Higgins

This second book in the Sweet series picks up six months after the ending of the first. Anna Whitt, who promised herself never to do the work of her father, Demon of alcohol and substance abuse, finds herself doing exactly that to survive whilst being surrounded by demon whisperers. This new party girl persona, however, strongly clashes with the angel half of her heritage that pushes her to care and nurture those around her. Along with this internal struggle she continues to mourn her love and separation from Kaidan Rowe.

When an unexpected messenger brings her a long lost prophesy regarding the Nephilim race, Anna embarks on a mission around the world to gain support amongst her kind, joined by Kopano, Son of Wrath, the third point in the continuing love triangle. However, when things start taking a turn for the worst Anna and Kaidan must come together and trust one another as both partners and more in order to gain their freedom to live and love.

Like the first instalment of the series, this book was very well thought-out and written. Never was it rushed or drawn out which I can sincerely appreciate. The circumstances are realistic (as much as can be when we’re discussing the Daughters and Sons of Substance Misuse, Lust, Wrath etc) and the plot is engaging, keeping the readers enraptured and interested. I am highly enjoying this new take on the subject of fallen angels and nephilim and would certainly recommend this read.

Sweet Reckoning (Sweet #3)

by Wendy Higgins

Sweet Reckoning is the third and final book in the Sweet series. The beginning is rather slow, leading to Anna being forced to separate from her family and friends in an attempt to keep them safe. She is on the run from the Dukes and whisperers who are desperate to label her as the traitor in their midst. The tension begins to build when Kaidan is ordered to work against her and Anna is presented with the choice: her love for Kaidan or life. This then acts as the turning point in the book which is followed by one unexpected development after another, some of which will have you putting the book down for a much needed squeal while others will leave you in tears (true story, I have to stop crying at books).

This book conjoins all the previous ones and hits you right in the feels. It brings all the much loved characters together but at no point is it boring or predictable with each twist evoking new emotions in the reader. I especially loved seeing how far the characters have come as individuals and as a team. The personal developments of Anna and Kaidan as protagonists are monumental and this book portrays this like none other. I thought this was a good finale to a good book series. And with no spoilers whatsoever, I have to mention that the ending was perfection with a cherry on top.

Sweet Temptation (Sweet #4)

By Wendy Higgins

This book is what I call a bonus feature in series. It is basically all the previous three books all in one but written from the point of view of Kaidan. I adore such books, especially when the original books include a strong male lead that really makes you question what’s going through his head. This retelling of all the Anna-Kaidan encounters warms your heart further to him and allows one to understand his behaviour and apparent quick change of heart in book two. It shines a different light on their relationship and ohmigosh the ending from Kaidan’s point of view is just so so much more!

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