I’m Back!

After a long absence of over TWO YEARS I have decided I miss this blogging business. It took some evaluation and thought but I’ve decided to stop writing about what I THINK people would want to read and write what I would like to read. Basically I’ma just write. So if long winded rants aren’t your forte- au revoir. Goodbye heavily edited posts (I say that now but I will totally overthink each and every one, fear you not) and hello chatty spur of the moment publishings.

The major difference is that in the last two years I have rediscovered my ever burning love for books and so….. *drumroll* ……. welcome the new ‘book’ section of the blog. There is so much that is going to get changed and re-designed but I just wanted to get this up and running or I would just talk myself out of it again.

I have many ideas and inspirations so fingers crossed this gets somewhere, I just want to make it a safe space to share things that make me happy. Essentially, I am excited and hope this will be a pleasant way to spend my days ( I am doing way too much reading recently and I’d be the first to point out to any and everyone that such a thing is impossible).

Anyway, welcome back to me and long my the inspiration last!



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