Okey, this will be very different from the usual travel, picture-filled content I like to share but here goes nothing. I need a rant.

Any multi-lingual ninjas here?

Ever find yourself in a position where someone who speaks one language looks at you funny for mispronouncing a word in their language and you just stand there feeling like an idiot while being able to translate the word idiot into 2/3/etc other languages?

For those who have no idea what I’m talking about, picture this;

Born and raised bi-lingual (plus a dialect, does that count as an additional language?) you move to a country where you have no choice but to learn another language but that’s okey because you are amazing like that. And so you go through primary school- few blunders here and there but that’s okey ‘cos you’re like, nine and your little mistakes still pass off as ‘cute’. Then you go through secondary school where your English teacher asks if you read books in English and then practically choked on her water when you tell her you got and A in the Higher Level English exam.

And then you get to college. Clean slate. None of that teenage crap to deal with, we’re all adults now. And then it happens. You get off the phone with your Russian speaking mam and mispronounce an English word. Although, thinking about it, mispronounce is too generous a term- you place the accent on the wrong syllable of the word and BAM! You get the look. The look that says ‘Foreigner’.

Three years later you’re standing around in work and notice your classmate sitting alone too. You go over, sit beside them and try to make small talk. What you get in return is exactly that-SMALL TALK, more accurately, one word answers. Worse yet is that patronizing condescending look on their face as they look the other way. Like, excuse me? If my best friend was around she’d say that ‘their head is so far up their backside they’re wearing it as a hat’. But I won’t say that, I’m nice.

What would you say? Wanna know what I did?

Nothing. I walked away. Curious? I’ve seen how this person spells. In fact, the one language that they know, I know it better. What’s more, I can translate it into 2 others as well as sign language. But did that incident make me feel like crap? Oh absolutely! Was it the first time? Nope, and probably not the last either. But at the end of the day, that’s 3 less translators I’ll need to use which is more than they can say.

Multi-lingual geniuses, can anyone relate?

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