Life Update

So I guess it’s pretty obvious by my lack of activity here for the past SIX MONTHS that I have been busy. I thought that instead of just resuming posting like nothing happened I’d write a personal little Life Update and have a little catch up.


My Summer has been intense with me first having no work for all of the month of June and then over-working myself from mid-July till September. I work as an agency health care assistant so shifts and work is inconsistent, especially during the Summer months. Due to that I went from sitting on my couch, feeling awful for having no work and my husband being the only one covering the bills, to working 4-6 12-hour shifts every week for a month and a half. It’s safe to safe I wasn’t feeling inspired.


We had such high hopes and numerous plans for trips this Summer and while some did not happen, others completely exceeded my expectations! From mini day road-trips around Ireland with close friends, to another spontaneous trip to England for my birthday (spending B-Day in the UK is becoming a little tradition I am getting to really love), to a week in beautiful sunny Lagos in Portugal, this Summer was filled with the most wonderful memories.


Okey, so this is where it gets real. Being a student is hard. Being an adult is damn hard! Some time around last year I definitely lost sight of what I was doing and why. I do Midwifery in Trinity college and boy is it hard. Between college/clinical placement, assignments, exam prep and work (yes, sometimes all of these happen all at once), it is very easy to forget that I love it. More often now I find myself under pressure. This semester alone, I had about 3 mental breakdowns.

However, with clinical placement done (whoo), dissertation submitted (OMG!!) and a few exams done (2 more finals to be done, fingers crossed!), I am starting to feel a bit more like myself again.


So the question remains: Why the silence? Honestly, I have been feeling very…uninspired lately. It was a mix of everything- stress, tiredness, laziness, and just generally not having what to post. However, that is about to change as I have multiple ideas for blog posts as well as a new theme (do you like it?).

So here’s to hoping you enjoy it!

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