Spring Break Look-book

I’ve recently returned from Lake Garda in Italy and I have to say that it has been the perfect mid-semester getaway. I will have a blog on the trip itself up soon, however, for now I want to share with you this little Spring holiday look book.

To me holidays are the perfect excuse to dress up and the lovely Italian weather gave me an opportunity to reach into my spring/summer wardrobe which we rarely have the chance to do here in Ireland. So if you are looking for inspiration for casual yet pretty outfits, this is the place to be.

So, whenever I’m going away on a trip I usually only bring a carry-on in terms on luggage. This then means that bigger items such as shoes and outerwear are carefully chosen to match numerous outfits and that was the case on this trip. For the four days I took two pairs of very comfortable and neutral (i.e. black) shoes, and the same was done for the jackets, so please excuse the repetitiveness of these items.

The first day of our trip included a very early start and a lot of travelling by various forms of public transport. For that reason comfort and mobility was my priority. That does not mean, however, that I don’t think this outfit is totally cute, because I do! The black jeans were super practical, together with this raspberry-pink striped crop top and my trusty Nikes, I was the epitome of comfort. For accessories I wore this gorgeous multi-colored structured bag from Parfois and a waterproof black bomber jacket with off-gold hardware. I’m not gonna lie and say that my suitcase also matched my outfit perfectly and that was very intentional and it made me very happy. Overall, this outfit was both comfortable and fashionable, which is my favorite combination.


Taking it from day to night I substituted the jeans for a light button-down black midi skirt with the top tucked in. I love these skirts as they’re extremely comfortable and very easy to dress up or down. To soften the look I changed the trainers for these thinner, flatter pair and the jacket to a  more dinner-time appropriate one. The changes aren’t significant, especially in terms of the colors, however, the feel of the outfit was entirely different.

The following day we had the most amazing weather! The sun shone and the wind didn’t blow and I simply couldn’t resist wearing this fabulous pastel piece. Is is floor length, pleated and pink and needless to say I felt like a total princess wearing it. Paired with this low back stripey crop top, the outfit was very feminine and oh so chic.


Following breakfast and a little photo-shoot, we had a very active day planned ahead of us. Seeing as it involved mountains and e-bikes the skirt was not a valid option (sad face). However, since the weather was still amazing I wore this pair of nude high-wasted jeans paired with a floral top with a surprise back. This outfit is very girly, very summery and fun. Perfect for the day we’ve had.


The next day was spent exploring the surrounding towns via ferry boat. This meant a pretty outfit was absolutely necessary. And what is prettier than a little white lace dress? To inject some color, I wore this old denim-style blue shirt on top with brown buttons and stitching, and tied it into a cute knot at the waist. For accessories I wore my most favorite bag ever, the Parfois Britney Cross Bag, some plain black shoes and my new gorgeous Parisian Belle jewelry. You can check out the blog post I wrote along with some pictures of the jewelry here. I loved this outfit!

EDT_7282.jpg EDT_7304.jpg

The final day entailed more exploring and lots of travel and frankly I wanted to look and feel pretty. And that I did. These high-waisted skinny jeans are the perfect fit for my figure, fitting like a glove. The two-toned navy and white crop top I paired them with is classy while still being very cutesy. I loved the contrasting colors of this outfit and how bold I felt wearing it. And once again, I wore this multi-toned cross body bag and, to me, it brought the whole look together.


Overall I loved each of these outfits. I thought they were very fun, very simple, basic, comfortable and perfect for Spring. I really enjoy trying on new ways of wearing my clothes to give them a new and fresh feel, and a holiday is the ideal time for it.


Which of these outfits is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.


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