Parisian Belle

You know when you find that one brand/shop and you just know it is going to be a staple for you? For example, I know I simply cannot go wrong with Parfois when I’m looking for a new handbag, or Forever 21 if I need a skirt. Well, I just found my go-to brand for accessories and I just can’t not talk about it.

Chloe+Isabel. When I first came across their account on Instagram I just fell in love! So naturally, I knew I had to get my hands on those pretty jewels.


Having scrolled through (probably) every single piece available, I am a strong advocate for the brand. Unlike most others, Chloe+Isabel offer a wide range of different styles and designs so there is something for everyone.

One thing I truly admire  is the variability of the collections. Whether you are looking for a bold piece or something to wear on a daily basis, you will certainly have plenty of items to choose from.


Another aspect that struck me was just how versatile most pieces are, giving you the ability to change the way you wear it. Be it a two layered necklace that detaches and leaves you with two beautiful single pieces or, my personal favorite, a pair of stud earrings that can be worn three different ways. They truly take the meaning of the word ‘convertible’ to a whole new level.

The pieces I fell in love with (the most, I fell in love with too many), were from the Parisian Belle collection. The delicate pastels, the attention to detail, the beautiful jems were all too much for me to be able to resist. And so I started my collection with the following pieces;

Parisian Belle Ring in size 6
Parisian Belle Collar Necklace
Parisian Belle Bracelet 

When I received the jewelry I was as excited as a child at Christmas. The unboxing experience was on point! Each piece came packaged in its separate keepsake pouch, all of which were wrapped in beautiful tissue paper. Being the packaging fiend that I am, I relished every second of it.

And the jewelry was absolutely stunning! The beautiful colors are so effortlessly elegant and romantic with the antique gold-plating giving them a very old-world vintage feel. I enjoy everything about them. They are so easy to dress up or down, and go with almost everything. I received so many compliments whenever I wore the pieces and they make me feel like I stepped out of an old Grace Kelly movie.


If I had to pick my favorite item, I couldn’t do it. However, I most definitely intend on expanding my collection very soon with the pendant and stud earrings, before starting on a new one.

Overall, I’ve had the most wonderful experience with the brand. Since I got in contact with Heather Petersen and shopped directly from her boutique, the entire process was very positive and exciting. Best part of all, I feel like I have made a new friend.


What do you think of this brand and these particular pieces? Would you wear them? Have you any brand favorites?



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