Spring wish list

With every change of season comes a change in store stocks and fashion trends. Being the shopping and fashion lover that I am, if I could, I would have a complete wardrobe change/ update every season but apparently I can’t do that (thanks a lot bank account).

So instead I put together this wish list of the latest items that are in stock currently and that, if I had unlimited funding, I would get. I hope this serves as an inspiration to you if you are looking to spruce up your spring wardrobe as I think these pieces are really fresh and beautiful and would give that extra little something to any outfit.

So these are my Spring picks (in no particular order of preference).

1. Riot High Rise Mom Jeans in Black, MissguidedI’ve been on the lookout for a good pair of mom or boyfriend jeans for a while now as they look so damn comfortable. However, none that I found seemed to suit my figure right. This pair though looks like they may be the one and, well, it’s a wish list so here they are.

2. Green Bell Sleeve Smock Top, River IslandI saw this on the mannequin in the store window from across the road for literally about 5 seconds and this is, hands down, my top pick for spring. If I could get just one item off this list, this would be it. I just love everything about it, the colour, the shape, the fit. To me, it just screams spring! 

3. Pleated Embroidered Mini Skirt, Forever 21Forever 21 is my go to place for skirts, they just do it right for me. And, of course, what is a spring wish list without some new skirt additions. I think this is just such a beautiful, stand-out piece that would give even the most basic outfit the wow factor.

4. Contemporary Button Front Skirt in Mauve, Forever 21  : I already own this skirt in two other colours and I just love them so much! Their shape and the way they fall is just so elegant that when I saw there is a pink, I knew I needed to have it.

5. White Peplum Hem Cami Top, River IslandI think this is such a nice twist to a basic piece. I am totally loving this shape of tops and think they would be very flattering on so many body types.

6. Adrianne, ALDOI have to admit I am a very basic person when it comes to shoes, but I want to change that. These flats seem like the perfect way to start. They’re still basic but pretty and feminine nonetheless.

7. Birds Garden Cross Bag, Parfois I’m absolutely in love with this bag. It’s available in both black and cream so the choice is there. I’ve seen it in person and the leather is so soft which makes getting in and out of the bag extremely easy. The size is just perfection- small but big enough to fit everything you may need. And can we just take a moment to appreciate the 3D flowers on the front!

8. Boheme Cross Bag, Parfois This is stunning. I don’t think this bag even needs an explanation. I mean, the shape and the color just speak for themselves. I can definitely see it being very spacious and practical. And as a bonus- it is available in a few other colors and there is also a purse and wallet available in the same print!

9. Parisian Belle Pendant Necklace, Chloe+IsabelI recently got a few pieces from this collection but I just cannot get enough of it. There will be blogpost soon in which I talk solely about this fabulous brand, but until then, I will keep adding pieces such as this beautiful pendant to my wishlist.

10. Parisian Belle Convertible Stud Earrings, Chloe+Isabelthe word ‘convertible’ takes on a whole new meaning in terms of these studs. They’re without a doubt the best value for money you could possibly get for a pair of earrings due to the countless ways in which you can swap them around and wear. Now, I’m not an ear jewellery girl myself, but these are rapidly changing that.

This concludes my little Spring wish list. What kind of things do you have your eye on at the moment? Would you wear any of these pieces?







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