What’s in my bag?!

I always see these type of videos on YouTube and I must admit they are very entertaining. There is just something about seeing what people keep in their bags that satisfies my natural curiosity. So, I thought I’d give it a go and convert the video type to a blog.

In regards to the bag, I don’t have one specific one that I wear on a daily basis, instead I change them regularly in accordance to my outfits. This particular one is the Amsterdam cross body bag from Parfois. It is medium sized, yet very roomy, in the most gorgeous print with beautiful vibrant colors and a long brown, adjustable strap. It has a single large compartment with a clip pocket on one side and a small zip pocket on the other. This is a very unique bag and I definitely don’t have anything like this in my collection.


The biggest thing I have inside is my (very pretty) A5 notebook for college. I got this one from TKMaxx, and it is royal blue with a little owl and the word ‘wise’ (so every time I see it I get a little encouragement boost) printed on the front of it in gold. The elastic band is also great in holding all the little extra pages I shoved in there along the way.


Along with that is my daily planner. This particular one is from Paperchase and it’s in the prettiest floral print with the 2016-2017 printed in gold. And yes, I’m one of those people that uses the August to August journals, I find changing halfway through the academic year very disruptive and confusing.

Along with that, to complete the previous two items, is my compact gold pencil case with a leaf print embossed into it. I love it because of just how small it is, meaning it’s very light.


Moving on to the more random things, something I will always have in my handbag, wherever I go is a little pouch with my emergency necessities. Right now I’m using a very old and grubby gold Revlon (anyone else picking up on the gold vibe happening here?) one. Inside I will have things like wet wipes, painkillers, as well as a small basic comb, my trusty Collection Lasting Perfection concealer in Fair, an Essence lip liner in the shade Cute Pink and lastly a MAC Velvetease Lip Pencil in Frolic, which is the most beautiful pink. Other things that are either in this pouch or just at the bottom of the bag include a small mirror and a small coin purse with hair bands and bobby pins.


Next thing that is always always always in my bag, usually in the front pocket, is my card holder. I am a total advocate for card holders as opposed to full size wallets/purses. I used to have and love regular purses, especially when they are so accessible and come in so many different versatile designs, however, now I just can’t get over just how heavy and bulky they are. Being a lover of small bags, I found that most of my purses either don’t fit inside and I end up bringing just the cards with me in a side pocket (with the high risk of loosing them, I might add) or they take up too much space. Now, however, I am totally converted to card holders and am constantly on the hunt for new pretty ones (any recommendations are always welcome). The one I am currently using and loving is a lovely pink floral one from Parfois. I bought it as a set with two other ones and I am totally obsessed with it! The zip is positioned extremely comfortably, there are 4 slots inside for cards and space in the middle for either more cards or change, which is perfect! There is also a small pocket on the very front of it which I love for my travel card.


The last few bits and bobs that are usually thrown in at the last minute include my earphones, my phone (I recently got the Huawei honor 8 and it is beautiful!), my house keys and a necklace or two which usually end up in a side pocket throughout the day, anyone else do that?

So that’s it for what’s in my bag. Pretty basic, but I prefer to keep my bag neat and tidy and not carry around things I don’t need.

What kind of things do you keep in your handbag?

-iMarina x


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