Top Travel Instagramers

I love Instagram. I also love travel. Combining the two together you get amazing Instagram accounts that satisfy my daily craving for wander-full photography (get it?). There are, however, a few Instagramers whose accounts I check daily for new posts and whose photos I look forward to seeing (and liking).

To me those people are an inspiration and basically how I stay sane until I get to go out and do what they do everyday. They, along with one particular travel Youtuber (shout-out to the incredibly talented, @lostleblanc), have completely changed my way of thinking, opening up my mind to countless possibilities and dreams, those I would have never considered possible. Check these profiles out and you will know exactly what I mean!

  • Tara Whiteman of @taramilktea   – Flatlay QUEEN! This account is the perfect balance of travel, daily life, food and aesthetically pleasing flatlays. The variety of the interesting content posted daily make you feel like you are part of the fun.
  • Lauren Bullen of @gypsea_lust – Inspiration directly from the tropical land of Bali. The stunning landscape shots from various destinations around the globe are all it will take to make you want to pack your bags and buy a one way ticket to (insert dream destination here).
  • Ellie Bullen of @elsas_wholesomelife – If the last account simply isn’t enough, check out this one. Being gypsea_lust’s twin sister, it features not only total #sistergoals but also the most mouth-watering, colorful vegan food that will make you consider giving in to the plants.
  • Jordan Taylor Wright of @taylorcutfilms and Alyssa Lynch of @alyssalynch – I’m including these two together because you simply cannot follow one without the other. These two accounts compliment each other beautifully and the content is dreamy! By far one of the cutest couples out there sharing some incredible, FUN, vibrant content and amazing videography. Also, some of the most relatable captions out there!
  • Jacob Riglin of @jacob – However, if you’re looking for the ultimate vibrant scenery this is the account to follow. No-one does color like this guy right here and I’m not complaining.
  • Sam Kolder of @sam_kolder – This is not an account to follow if you’re afraid of heights but if you don’t mind the second-hand adrenaline, these roof-top views are to die for! Not to mention the occasional videography thrown in for good measure.
  • Jack Morris of @doyoutravel – The sea and the sun seem to be the theme of this account and I do not mind it in the least! Some of these will give postcard images a run for their money.
  • Christian LeBlanc of @lostleblanc – As mentioned above, this guy is the one that brought a whole new meaning to the word ‘wanderlust’ for me. One of the most inspiring creators out there and, yeah just go check out his video and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

So this is it, a rundown of some of my favorite travel Instagram accounts. The reason I follow these people is because not only are they incredible photographers and content creators but they are also real people with real stories that have completely captured, captivated and inspired me. Hope you enjoyed!

What Instagram accounts do you enjoy scrolling through?



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