A present-less Christmas?

This year we came to the decision a couple months back to have a no-present-giving Christmas. We toyed with the idea for a long while to make sure it’s really what we wanted to do as, what is Christmas without presents, right? But having agreed on it, we happily went into December with no wish lists.

Our reasons for this decision were as follows:

  • Both of us coming from very big families and being on a student budget, Christmas gift buying is a bit of a pressure. Now I’m not saying this is the main reason for our decision, as it most certainly was not. We simply felt it is too much pressure on a newly married student couple (a little over a year is till newly married right?). That being said, we also informed our families and friends of our initiative, asking them that they don’t spend any money on us this year.
  • We invested in a Christmas break getaway. This was something we really wanted to do last year but didn’t for a number of reasons. This year, however, we decided to  make the occasion really special and experience the magic of the German Christmas markets. (excited squeek!)
  • Seeing how over marketed the celebration is nowadays, we felt that its true meaning  was being overlooked. After all, Christmas is, in fact, a birthday- Jesus’ birthday. Talking to my little brothers about their school concerts I was saddened to find out that out of a full children’s concert of Christmas songs and carols, only 2 mentioned Jesus and His birth. While I absolutely adore all those different tunes, I believe they shouldn’t replace the original ones.
  • It’s not all about the presents, despite it being a season of giving. To me Christmas is about spending time with one’s family and friends, enjoying each other’s company and sharing joy. Or that’s just what I think in anyway.

If I’m honest I thought it would be very hard to refrain myself from buying presents for everyone and there were so many times that I thought, ‘Oh my God, this would make a perfect gift for that person’.However, it  wasn’t actually that difficult. In fact, it was quite nice, remembering our decision I would smile to myself and think instead of the lovely Christmas I will spend with my husband’s family for the first time.

What is your thought on a present-less Christmas? Could you do it?



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