Tullynally Castle Gardens

So a couple weeks back we finally came around to visiting my parents. We cleared our schedules for the weekend, popped on the train bound for Mullingar and off we went. It was so lovely, yet slightly strange at the same time, to be back in there, surrounded by all things familiar.

On our second day, which happened to be the only full day we spent there, we drove down to the beautiful grounds of Tullynally Castle nearby. To myself that place has a special meaning as it is the place my husband and I had our wedding photo-shoot, and this was our first time visiting it since then.


Tullynally Castle is a historical country house that’s been standing since the 1700’s and is owned by the same family for more than 3 centuries. The grounds are vast and the gardens vary in style, from Chinese to Victorian. Sprawled about the path as well as the trees were these various statues which were very exciting to look for and find!

The natural flowers were absolutely stunning and we couldn’t walk by and not snap a few shots.

Naturally, being jubilant at being reunited after a long time there were enough smiles, hugs and kisses to go around for everybody!


Isolated from the hustle and bustle of the small town, the place is truly an oasis of serenity, its peacefulness enchanting. Strolling along, breathing in the fresh autumn air, was all it took to relieve all the stress of daily college life in the city- and those who study in a big town will know it is well needed from time to time.


All in all, it was a day well spent, no doubts about it.

Heading home, tired, cold and with wet feet (note to self: its AUTUMN, wear water-proof shoes!), we were all left with sweet memories and these beautiful photos to show for them.



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