Hello, i-M-arina

‘Hello, it’s me..’

My name is Marina and I am so super excited to be starting this blog. Since I was about 12, I’ve been one to keep a diary. It’s always been a safe place for me to get back to where I could share my little life’s ups and downs. As I grew up I enjoyed the practice more than ever  and the wide range of beautiful journals made it that much more enjoyable.

However, my diary was soon replaced by my then-boyfriend and now-husband. He’s the one place I go to to share my good news and angry rants. But one day, as I was rooting through my old memory boxes I came across those old journals, and sitting there, reminiscing and smiling to myself, I thought ‘why stop?’. But the same way I grew up since the last time I sat at the table in my bedroom of my parents’ house, writing late into the night until my eyelids were heavy and my fingers blistered, I thought it’s time my way of writing grew and that is when I decided to start a blog!

So here I am, excited, eager and very enthusiastic. I plan to make this a safe haven for my random little rants and seasonal fleeting obsessions , a place where I can share my life’s little pleasures. This blog is for myself so, therefore, it will be a true reflection of all things ME!

 Are you intrigued yet? Stay tuned for more ;)

  -Love, iMarina       


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